RooWifi is a device / plugin, which allows the user to control their Roomba cleaning robot through a Wi-Fi connection. RooWifi was thought and developed by our CEO Xavier-Martí Carné just over 5 years ago.

With this device the user is allowed to play with the cleaning robot as if it were a remote-controlled car and, more importantly, the possibility of adding the cleaning robot to the existing home automation network in a house. Something that now seems so obvious, was not then and hence the success of sales of this product that DiproTech currently manufactures.

Roowifi also allows software developers to “play” with the robot without having the necessary knowledge of electronics or hardware engineering. RooWifi is compatible with any Roomba model of the 500, 600, 700 and 800 families manufactured by iRobot. Web:

We congratulate what could be called our first own product for reaching 5,000 units sold, and hopefully it will continue to rise as there are already plugins available for Amazon Echo to control the Roomba cleaning robot using a voice command “Alexa. .. “