Industrial Wired Communications

Experience in integrating efficiently and robustly different systems among other communication protocols and interfaces. From the implementation of proprietary protocols to integration with standard industrial protocols over TCP / IP, RS-485, RS-422, CAN.

Embedded Web Servers

Since DiproTech’s origins, we have developed different hardware platforms with integrated web servers. In the first projects focused on this technology and based on the previous experience of the DiproTech innovation and development team in this type of system.

DiproTech has specialists focused on developing custom hardware platforms with an integrated web server.

These types of systems allow a wide range of applications given the ease of real-time monitoring and an intuitive interface both during exhaustive use of the devices and in the rapid configuration that allows from the user’s point of view.

In Diprotech we bet on this technology that allows the integration of software and hardware systems via Ethernet wired networks and / or Wi-Fi. A technology on which DiproTech bases its own developments and that offers a wide range of possibilities. Both for domestic use and for professional use in industrial environments.

The main areas of application developed until today by Diprotech for its customers:

  • Real-time monitoring of analog, digital and communication data buses.
  • Low cost monitoring systems.
  • Remote configuration of devices.
  • Remote diagnosis of machinery.
  • Sending reports remotely and consulting data online.