Embedded systems and standalone devices

Embedded systems play a fundamental role in the development of technological projects given their orientation to dedicated computing functions and their main focus on reducing the development time of more complex systems, reducing material costs and adjusted consumption.

The use of specific hardware for a specific function allows the use of simpler components, adjusted to the needs of each hardware engineering project.

Diprotech hardware development projects has specific expertise in:

PCB: Schematics, Placement and Layout

Development from schematics to final production through all stages of component selection, placement and layout. 2 to 8 layer PCBs. Hardware specifically designed for analog data capture and precision amplification of specific signals. Printed circuits design prepared to work at high frequency for signal processing with DSPs, FPGAs and 32-bit microcontrollers. Power electronics with specific routing to reduce electromagnetic emissions.

Standalone Firmware

Programming of microcontrollers with embedded operating system Linux or Windows CE or specific firmware. 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers with RISC and ARM Cortex architecture including Ultra Low Power applications.


VHDL programming. DiproTech has experience with the main manufacturers: Lattice, Altera and Xillinx.