We continue to grow: Novasonix new partner of DiproTech.

Novasonix obtains control of the participation that until now has been owned by Shikumi Wakata S.L., party in charge of software development for DiproTech.

With this great entry of Novasonix as a partner, DiproTech consolidates its relevance in the industrial sector given the productive capacity of the new partner. DiproTech grows in production resources, being able to offer assembly, manufacturing and production services for complex devices without the participation of third parties and carrying out these tasks in the same province of Barcelona and within the same group of companies.

This entry into the shareholding definitively consolidates the collaboration agreement that was signed some time ago between Novasonix and DiproTech, creating a business group with extensive experience in engineering sector and industry given the capabilities of manufacturing and production of both companies, including specific certifications for medical devices.