During the current Coronavirus pandemic situation a lot of laboratories and companies around the world are focused on trying to find new technologies and solutions to solve or almost smooth this global situation until a vaccine will be finally developed and deployed.

Diprotech has been working together with laboratories and companies from the retail sector for several months to guarantee automated disinfection and the safety of customers, users and workers of these companies.

Many of these systems incorporate UV-C technology, with the counterpart that although this technology has been shown to be very effective in destroying pathogens, bacteria and viruses such as the coronavirus, it is also harmful to people’s skin and eyes.

Focused on the safety of workers, customers and users, Diprotech has developed an automated IoT system into these disinfection and access control systems. The solution incorporates automated systems in the concrete location with independent behavior to the platform connection, prioritizing the safety of people at the disinfection site.

Through the IoT platform and the embedded system, disinfection is allowed for windows of time as long as the device does not detect the presence of any person in the entire workspace in a completely safe way.

On the other hand, and keeping in mind that one of the members of the Diprotech business group is focused on the disinfection of transportation services and logistics. The own background related to solutions based on chemical products is helping the laboratory studies with the technological solutions based on UVC lights developed to be compared with other disinfection methods in which the group has experience: Ozone, disinfection based on different hydrogen peroxide application methods or disinfection by sodium hypochlorite.

Comparing the results of the virus exposure to these methods in the laboratory, the relative tables can be extracted with which the disinfection capabilities against COVID-19 can be normalized for each of the methods, knowing exactly the equivalent efficacy between application method, exposure time and distance / volume during treatment. With this results and the use of automated algorithm execution through the IoT platform (see thethings.io Cloud Code) every client and location has the specific disinfection process needed.