DiproTech is positioned as a provider of hardware solutions and specific electronic designs for Altabox.

Altabox is a leading company in the development and implementation of solutions to provide unforgettable multichannel and multisensory shopping experiences in the retail sector with clients such as Mercedes Benz, Inditex, Dia or Orange, among others.

Among the projects in which DiproTech currently participates as a provider of both development and production, are the single-row control devices of the Dia supermarket chain, covering all its supermarkets nationwide.

The hardware developed and manufactured by DiproTech integrated into the immersive experience system that Altabox offers its customers, has already been implemented and continues to be implemented also in all Lefties (Inditex) stores internationally.

As a result of this strategic partnership, DiproTech positions itself in the retail sector as a provider, engineering hardware + firmware and manufacturer of embedded systems and specific devices in the hands of one of the big players.