DiproTech is positioned as the electronic development engineering, both hardware and firmware as well as Novasonix software.

Novasonix, a national benchmark company in the medical-aesthetic apparatus sector and with international patents, decides to take a step forward in the technological development of its devices and reaches an agreement with DiproTech to act as a R + provider D, prototyping and IoT services.

With this alliance, both Luis Moreno, CEO of Novasonix, and Xavier-Martí Carné, CEO of DiproTech, admit to reaching a win-win agreement at maximum and that is very beneficial for both companies.

Novasonix, for its part, adding technological value to its products and positioning itself even better in the medical-aesthetic sector as a leading innovative company.

DiproTech, on the other hand, as engineering of developed hardware, firmware and software in a sector as demanding as the medical-aesthetic and in turn in the field of product development.