DiproTech reaches an agreement with Sacoel to be a collaborating provider of engineering services and development of hardware solutions and electronic designs, always under specifications and at the request of its clients, to complete the full range of services offered.

Sacoel, a leading company in the component distribution sector nationwide, has a wide range of services that allow the client to have solved the entire process in the creation of a product that involves the design and development of electronic hardware:

  • Logistics agent for electronic components.
  • Provisioning.
  • R+D.
  • Kitting services.
  • Import.
  • Discontinued reference locator.

As a result of this strategic partnership, DiproTech is positioned in the sector as an important piece in the creation of new products with a catalog of systems as an engineering service provider in the hands of a large national distributor that has, among others, the exclusive distribution of Ublox, Swiss leader and world reference in GPS positioning modules and communication modules.

As an example of other brands distributed by Sacoel, we can find: 2J, RadioControlli, Harting, Delta, Piher Sensing Systems and a long etc of prestigious manufacturers.

Sacoel has a main warehouse in Barcelona from where the logistics of receiving, controlling and dispatching the products that are received daily from the warehouses of its national and international collaborators are organized. This center also has a security stock to guarantee immediate supply.

Sacoel has a network of branches that, in a coordinated manner, allow products to be distributed to different parts of the country in a more agile way. These are located in the cities of Bilbao, Madrid and Malaga.

With this collaboration agreement, Diprotech undoubtedly positions itself as one of the relevant players in the development of hardware and firmware engineering both at the regional level (Barcelona – Catalonia) and at the national level.