Intelligent Operations Center

The smart operations center product suite. Assessed to be complete and comprehensive.

Intelligent Operations Center is considered the brain, the central nervous system of Organizations/Units. Our Intelligent Operations Center is built on integrated model, connecting to all centers, systems and IT services of the Organizations/Units to collect data for analysis, forecast and directions.

Data from the activities of systems and services in the Organizations/Units is integrated with real-time connectivity to the operations center, helping the center to monitor the activities of the city in real time. This brings about many practical benefits such as increasing the speed of responding to emergencies, assisting the coordination between Organizations/Units and agencies to handle and simulate activities of the whole city in the operations center, thereby effectively assisting the decision-making and development planning for the smart city.

The open data system will provide citizens and businesses with unlimited expandability of services for all areas of daily activities, thereby offering them with services, applications, utilities in a citizen-centric Organizations/Units.

We provide a comprehensive set of solutions to build intelligent operations center for Organizations/Units. Our system integration experts, data analysts and administrators will coordinate to build the system closest to the practical conditions. We also provide hardware infrastructure, powerful platform software to serve the building of intelligent operations center.

Simulate the entire real-time activities of the city in the operations center, enabling immediate analysis, planning and response.

Coordinate with agencies and Organizations/Units in handling emergencies that take place in the city

Provide many utility services from open data source to serve the citizens such as citizen reports receipt and handling, safe cities, applications for citizens, etc.

To read more about DiproTech’s WorldData Solutions please refer to WorldData Website here

Intelligent Operations Center Solution provides

Organizations/Units data integration platform

  • WorldData ESB V9a(Interconnected Platform Software)
  • WorldData IAM V9a(Identity and Access Management)
  • WorldData SIM V9a(System Integration Management)
  • WorldData DSM V9a(Data Sharing Management)
  • WorldData ID V9a(Identity Management)

Operations center report data platform

  • WorldData ECL V9a (Extract Change Load)
  • WorldData DCS V9a (Data Capture Service)
  • WorldData DCRDMS V9a (Data Capture for RDBMS)
  • WorldData DCNSQL V9a (Data Capture for NoSQL)

Data management and analysis platform

  • WorldData IAD V9a(Index Analytics Dashboard)
  • WorldData IR V9a(Index Reports)

Documents Management System

  • WorldData DMW V9a(Document Management Workflow)

CCTV and Sensors

  • WorldData GIS V9a(Geographic Information System)
  • WorldData VMS V9a(Video Management System)
  • WorldData CCMS V9a (Camera Content Management System)
  • WorldData CAS V9a(Camera AI Secure)

Social Monitoring

  • WorldData SM V9a(Social Monitoring)


  • WorldData EL V9a(eLearning)

Public Administration

  • WorldData OPS V9a(Public administration system)

Data surveillance platform

  • WorldData DS V9a(Data Surveillance)

Data continuity system

  • WorldData BP V9a(Business Planning)
  • WorldData QIM V9a(Quality Index Monitor)
  • WorldData PDS V9a(Progress Discontinued Support)

Operation system

  • WorldData NOM V9a(Operation Management Network)
  • WorldData IM V9a(Instant Messaging)
  • WorldData OM(Operation Management)
  • WorldData SOR(Synthesize Operating Results)
  • WorldData IMS V9a(Secured Instant Messaging)

Meeting agenda system

  • WorldData CW V9a(CoWorking Space)
  • WorldData CV V9a(CoWorking Vote)
  • WorldData CC V9a(CoWorking Calendar)

Site reporting service

  • WorldData CP V9a (Citizen Report)
  • WorldData CRS V9a(Citizen Response Support)
  • WorldData CRP V9a(Citizen Reporting Portal)

End user application

  • WorldData ESA V9a(Application for cadres, civil servants and public employees)
  • WorldData SC V9a(Smart Citizen)
  • WorldData TA V9a (Teacher Application)
  • WorldData SA V9a (Student Application)
  • WorldData PA V9a(Parent Application)
  • WorldData MBO V9a(Medical Booking Online)
  • WorldData MR V9a (Medical Reminder)
  • WorldData FSC V9a (FoodSafety for Citizen)
  • WorldData DA V9a(Doctor Application)