Security Operations Center

Security operations center product suite. Full of technology, procedures, human resources to build a comprehensive security operations center.

Along with the rapid development of network infrastructure scales and services, applications, the challenge in ensuring security is increasingly harder for system administrators.

  • You wonder how many computers are infected in our system ?
  • You wonder if the website system is attacked by hackers ?
  • You wonder whether any computers in the system are controlled by hackers and send data to them ?

These are also common concerns for leaders and managers of information systems. There are requirements for timely detection of attack signs, thereby localizing and minimizing possible damages.

We provide the solution suite for Security Operations Center with the full options of technologies, procedures to human resources to build a comprehensive security operations center.

Security operations center (SOC) that provides 24/7 updates on the security status in the whole system

Connect data of all important components in the system such as firewall devices, network devices, servers, workstations, while monitoring the entire network traffic, etc.

These data will be processed and analyzed to detect abnormalities, thereby displaying warnings to managers for timely processing.

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Security Operations Center Solution provides

  • Firewall
  • Web attack preventing system
  • VPN System
  • Privileged access management solution
  • Cyber security monitoring and operating system
  • Centralized anti-malware solution
  • Security solution for email
  • DoS / DDoS attack preventing device
  • Load balancing system
  • Network access control
  • Intrusion detecting and warning system
  • APT attack detecting and warning system
  • Solution for managing policies and preventing data leaks
  • Detecting and responding solution for endpoints